When Are Dentals Fillings Used as a Dental Restoration?

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A dental restoration is a procedure to repair a tooth when its structure is compromised by damage or decay. Dental fillings are one of the options available for tooth repair and more commonly when a tooth suffers decay or cavity. Made from composite, porcelain, or silver amalgam, the dental filling can make up lost tooth structure and restore its appearance and function. Continue reading to learn more about the use of fillings for dental restoration.

Dental fillings as a dental restoration

When patients come in for a dental checkup or complain of toothache, a dentist will examine the tooth carefully. Tooth cavities are the most common issues usually identified during a routine exam and cleaning. The dentist may also take x-rays to check the severity and location of the cavities.

After determining that cavities are present, the dentist will recommend undergoing a dental restoration procedure with dental fillings to seal the tooth and prevent the decay from spreading. The dentist will recommend the most appropriate filling option based on the location of the cavity, medical history, and the patient’s preferences. The options typically include composite filling, silver amalgam, gold, or porcelain (inlays or onlays).

The filling procedure

To start the filling procedure, the dental professional will numb the area around the tooth to minimize pain during the process. Afterward, the dentist will use a small drill to clean the decay in the tooth. After removing the decayed tooth material, the hole will be cleaned properly. The dental fillings will be applied in several layers to fill the cavity until the tooth is whole again. The filling’s color is customized to match the rest of the teeth.

The local anesthetic will not wear off immediately, so patients may feel numb for some time after the appointment. The dentist will recommend eating soft foods at room temperature to avoid stressing the teeth or injuring the soft tissues. Within a day or two, the mouth will be back to normal.

If the damage or decay is too severe for a dental filling, the dentist will recommend other restoration options like dental crowns or veneers to strengthen the tooth and prevent damage. In extreme cases where saving the tooth is not possible, a dental implant may be suggested to replace the tooth. Each patient is different and has different needs, so it is advisable to discuss with the dentist to know which dental restoration they would recommend.

Protecting the tooth

After performing the dental filling procedure, the dentist will provide tips on how to prevent decay or cavities. Oral health tips include brushing at least twice daily and flossing to keep the teeth free of plaque and food debris which contribute to cavity formation. Regular appointments with the dentist for checkups and cleaning are also important.

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