When a Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

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A tooth extraction might be necessary for multiple instances. The tooth comes out of the patient’s mouth because of an infection or other reason. A dentist tries to keep the teeth intact as long as possible, but not every tooth can be saved. Keep reading to learn more about why you might need an extraction.

Why is tooth extraction necessary?

Tooth extractions are often the last resort by a dentist. There are two sets of teeth in a patient’s mouth, including the permanent ones and the baby teeth. The baby teeth are the first ones the body makes. Once those come out, the adult teeth are supposed to last a person’s lifetime. Still, there are some reasons a patient might need to have some teeth extracted.

Stopping periodontal disease in its tracks

Periodontal disease causes an infection in the gums, alveolar bone, or periodontal ligaments. One of the earliest stages is gingivitis, which causes bleeding and gum inflammation. But a more severe form can affect the structures of the teeth, loosening them. Bacteria in dental plaque cause the condition.

The plaque forms on the teeth within a few hours of eating if the patient does not brush. But regular brushing can prevent the condition. In advanced stages, the tooth becomes looser. Then tooth extraction might be the only way to stop further infection.

Severe decay-causing tooth damage

The tooth decay might reach the middle of the tooth, known as the pulp. The decay produces bacteria, which might enter the pulp, causing an infection. Sometimes, root canals are useful for treating the disease. Still, an extraction might be the only way to stop the infection from spreading if there is a severe infection. The dentist will examine the tooth and find the right option.

Helping impacted teeth

If the tooth cannot break through the gumline, it is impacted. That often happens with wisdom teeth. A dentist might recommend the impacted tooth come out to stop it from damaging the rest of the teeth. Extraction might also prevent the risk of overcrowding and infection. The dentist might use digital tools to examine the impacted area or affected areas. That means patients do not get exposed to radiation, increasing comfort.

Reducing overcrowding

Sometimes, patients have small jawbones or a large number of teeth. It often happens before orthodontic treatment, and the teeth have no room to move. Orthodontists can look at the teeth’s crowdedness and see if there is sufficient room for the teeth to move. That way, the teeth can become better aligned.

After an accident

Problems like car accidents or impacts to the face might require extensive dental treatment. Preserving the teeth is priority. Then the dentist might use bridges, veneers, or crowns. But in severe cases, the dentist might recommend an extraction.

Choose the right dentist for a tooth extraction

There are many reasons you might need a tooth extraction. However, the idea is to preserve the rest of the teeth as much as possible. It can also improve your quality of life. There are several options for restorations after the tooth comes out. Your dentist can give you more information on those.

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