Seek Out an Emergency Dentist to Save Your Tooth

Emergency Dentist San Dimas, CA

Going to an emergency dentist to keep your tooth is crucial for your dental health. A dental emergency can happen at any time, anywhere. This kind of issue cannot wait for an appointment for next month. Immediate treatment will allow you to keep your natural tooth. If you want to know when you must see an emergency dentist for your tooth’s health, here are the details.

Severe tooth pain

This is a common reason to see an emergency dentist. An aching tooth for at least two days needs a dentist’s attention right away. A pus excretion or swelling around the tooth means the patient may have an abscessed tooth. Pain in the tooth may also indicate the need for root canal therapy. It is the body’s way of letting a person know about a brewing problem. Seeing a dentist will pinpoint the problem and provide the treatment.

Loose teeth

Wiggling baby teeth is a positive thing. This means adult teeth will be erupting soon after the baby teeth fall out. Wiggling permanent teeth is not a good thing at all. These teeth should be stable.

Loose teeth may indicate a combination of many dental issues. The loosening may also be a result of an injury. A sports incident, a vehicular accident, or a brawl may cause tooth instability. Loose teeth need the attention of an emergency dentist. The dental visit will confirm if there is nerve damage. The dentist will keep the loose tooth in place.

Knocked-out tooth

A tooth loses its supply of nutrients and firm support once it falls out. Placing the tooth in milk as soon as it falls out will help preserve it. Refraining from scrubbing or disturbing the tooth will keep its roots intact. The emergency dentist could re-attach the tooth, but it must happen within the hour. The patient could save money and use the natural living tooth instead of dental implants.

Swollen jaw

This indicates severe infection. The swelling often occurs with fever and a bitter taste in the mouth. It may also happen with difficulty of breathing or swallowing. That is why it needs the care of an emergency dentist right away.

The infection may be a result of a salivary gland infection. This type of infection develops from a blockage in the salivary gland. Impeding the production of salivary glands causes pain and inflammation. It prevents the body from producing enough saliva. This is not a common type of infection. Seeing the emergency dentist will find a solution to this problem in no time.

Lost dental crown or filling

Dental crowns and fillings provide a solid barrier from decay and further injury. Sometimes, crowns and fillings break and fall out. Bringing the intact dental crown to the emergency dentist’s clinic may lead to its successful replacement. Dental fillings may break and chip off. Going to the emergency dentist right away will prevent food particles and bacteria from entering the tooth.

An emergency dentist can provide the solution to your dire dental problem

Serious dental issues can become worse if they do not get immediate treatment. Pain, discomfort, and dislodged teeth or dental appliances need the care of an emergency dentist. Your dentist aims to keep your natural tooth intact. An emergency dental treatment will accomplish this task.

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