Dental Checkup FAQs: Who Needs a Crown?

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A dentist can discuss the normal tooth’s basic parts during a dental checkup. The crown is the visible part above the gumline. The root is the inferior part below the gumline. Well-trained dentists can provide patients with dental crowns that have the natural color of their teeth during a dental checkup. Here are some important points that discuss patients who need dental crowns.

Having a root canal

Once the infection gets worse in the tooth, the pulp usually gets inflamed or dies. For this, the dentist needs to scrape out the diseased pulp and clean the dental space. The dental checkup will include the filling of the space and the placement of a dental crown. It will also include dental healthcare education about how to take care of the new crown.

Huge dental filling

During the dental checkup, the dentist will scrape out the damaged part of the tooth. Once the cavity is clean, the dentist fills the space with a dental filling. If the dental filling occupies almost the entire tooth, the natural tooth might fracture. To prevent the tooth from cracks and stress, the dentist places a dental crown.

Painful deep cracks

If the patient’s dental fracture or crack is deep and extremely painful, the only way to save it is by having a dental crown. A good dental crown protects the root from irreversible damage. Crowns can also help manage the pain of patients with cracked root syndrome or stress fractures. A dental checkup can provide them with dental crowns to help disperse the stress across the tooth to relieve pain.

Fractured cusp

A dentist can determine if the patient has a fractured cusp with one dental checkup. This condition is evident because the tooth’s surface for chewing has broken off. This often happens around the dental filling. A fractured cusp may not cause a lot of pain, but protecting it is important. With one dental checkup, the dentist can place a new filling and a dental crown over it.

Too much wear

Excessive wear on the patient’s teeth can come from acid reflux disease or night grinding. If the patient continues having these teeth-destroying habits, the teeth can collapse upon biting. Repair and placement of a dental crown need a scheduled dental checkup. By the end of a dental checkup, the affected tooth becomes a well-protected tooth with restored function.

The unpleasant appearance of teeth

Some patients need to have better-looking teeth. Decay, misalignment, or discoloration can cause low self-esteem. An experienced dentist can give the patient a good dental crown in one dental checkup. With a dental crown, the patient can have a brighter smile. A good dental crown can last a long time if the patient works with the dentist to care for it.

You can have a natural-looking dental crown in one dental checkup

If you have a dental fracture, a large cavity, or a root canal, a dental checkup is necessary. Your dentist can assess the damage carefully and attach a dental crown right away. Doing so can save the tooth even if there is little natural tooth left. With proper dental crowns, you can enjoy a strong, bright smile for years to come.

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