Can Excessive Gum Tissue Be Removed During Gum Contouring?

What Is Gum Contouring San Dimas, CA

Gum contouring is not always the most talked-about procedure at the dentist’s office. But if you are unhappy with uneven gums or puffy gums, this could be just what you need to change your smile. A gummy smile or receding gums are not uncommon issues that people face. It is helpful to understand how gum reshaping works before you talk to your dentist. You can then decide whether this makes sense for you and your goals.

Steps to maintaining healthy gums

Gum health is just as vital as tooth health when it comes to oral wellness. Patients cannot forget to floss daily, along with twice-a-day brushing. When flossing, individuals should get in between every tooth, dislodging food particles down to the gumline. People should not floss vigorously, however. Rinsing with a mouthwash will also keep gums looking good. Also, patients should visit the dentist at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings.

Deciding whether to do gum contouring

A dentist may recommend that a person needs gum reshaping. This is often the case when the person has receding gums. This condition can lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss, as the gums begin to pull away from the teeth. However, individuals may bring up the subject first during a dental consultation. Some people naturally have puffier gums because of genetics. If a gummy look or uneven gums is hindering the person’s smile, gum reshaping makes sense.

An overview of the process

Once the patient comes into the office for gum contouring, the dentist will numb the patient. The dentist may only numb a portion of the mouth or the entire mouth, depending on how much tissue will be removed or reshaped. Next, using a laser, the dentist will trim portions of the gums to fit the patient’s preferences or needs. The laser is effective in removing excess tissue precisely and accurately. The results can be a clean look that the individual has envisioned.

For medical needs

Gum contouring is not always just for cosmetic purposes. Some people have uneven, puffy, or receding gums because of gingivitis or periodontitis. The procedure can help restore the health of the gums. The dentist will inform the patient that the process is medically necessary so the person can confirm coverage with the insurance company.

Recovering from the procedure

The length of this process will vary depending on the patient’s needs. The dentist may reshape the upper and lower gums. Other people may only need a small section reshaped or trimmed. There could be some minor bleeding or soreness after gum contouring. Over-the-counter medication or a cold-compression pack can soothe the pain.

Make your gums gorgeous

Gums come in all shapes and sizes, but you can be happy with the way yours look. If your gums are too puffy or uneven, gum contouring can help. Talk to your dentist today about the next steps you should take to get the smile you have been looking for. Your gums no longer have to hinder your smile.

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